Leadership in the Era of Hybrid Work

In the face of a newly digitized world of work, workers have had to respond exceptionally fast to the organizational changes brought on by more frequent remote and hybrid work. However, the lens of this digitized workplace rarely focuses on leaders – whose work has been completely restructured and reinvented in numerous ways because of the hybrid landscape.

A Gallup survey found that 53% of employees anticipate working in a hybrid environment from 2022 onward,[1] so leaders’ responses to workplace changes will be key to ensure employees remain engaged, productive, and retained.

Another survey found that managers and employees view three primary challenges in a hybrid work environment: a disconnect to company culture, decreased collaboration, and reduced access to resources.[2] To guarantee an improved employee experience, leaders will need to respond dynamically by ensuring resources are available and accessible.

Leaders will also need to implement new remote work practices that involve internal engagement to create an open, encouraging environment and more profound connections with company culture. For example, group engagement activities during weekly meetings can provide an outlet for workers to speak more personally, creating a more inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and fosters motivation. Additionally, managers can hold more frequent in-person meetings and events to ensure employees are engaged both on-site and remotely.[3] In-person meetings also help ensure employees are in the office during the same days of the week.

In the hybrid era, work-life balance is a key area of focus for employees, and leadership will need to develop new methods for monitoring and maintaining work-life balance. More frequent check-ins, more one-on-ones, and an expansion of wellness resources and offerings can all help significantly improve employees’ morale and work-life balance.

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