Tips for Acing Your Virtual Interview

In-person interviews are quickly going the way of the buffalo. Nearly two-thirds of companies use video technology to interview job candidates, a number that will undoubtedly continue to rise over the next few years. As virtual interviews become commonplace, double-checking Wi-Fi connections and camera angles will become just as important as picking the proper outfit and remembering to smile.

Here are a few tips that will help you ace your next virtual interview:   

Familiarize Yourself with New Video and Audio Platforms

With the proliferation of remote work has come many new digital meeting platforms. Don’t just assume that you’ll be using a platform you are familiar with; check the invite and double-check that you have it loaded on your computer. Take time to familiarize yourself with the program and test your microphone as well. While a lot of video platforms are easy to use, others leave a lot to be desired in user experience.

Equipment and System Check

As cutting-edge as technology is today, it can still be unpredictable. Don’t assume that just because you use your webcam daily, it will magically work the day of your interview. Testing equipment ahead of time will save you from (most) unexpected issues. Check the Wi-Fi connection, video and audio quality, and loading speeds. It’s better to adjust now than during the interview if you run into any issues.

Set The Atmosphere

Not all video platforms are equal when it comes to picture quality. What may look like perfect lighting on one can look shadowy and gloomy on others. Natural light is typically best, but you may find that turning on an additional light or two may help. While you are doing this, take into consideration what’s in the background of your shot. You don’t want something inappropriate or distracting over your shoulder. Finally, consider the noise level of the area as well; if you worry you may run into loud or distracting noises during your interview, consider moving to a place without those worries.   

Dress for the Job You Want … Even in a Virtual Setting

Even if you aren’t in the same room with an interviewer, you still want to make a good first impression with your outfit. Dress as you would for an in-person interview (at least from the waist up), and make sure your hair looks well-kempt. Remember that noisy jewelry can be distracting, especially over audio, so ensure nothing is clanking when you move.

Look at the Camera, Not the Video

We’ve been taught to look people in the eyes when we talk; the problem with video is that looking someone in the eyes means you are actually looking away from them. Practice looking into the camera, not the screen, as you speak. You shouldn’t have to strain your body to do this either; make sure the camera is at eye level so you can look straight ahead. You may need to adjust the chair or your laptop to do this. At AppleOne, our hiring managers are with you every step of the way. We’ll help you prep and practice for your interview so you are ready on the big day. Get started today at

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