3 Hacks That Can Help You Move The Hiring Process Along


How long does it take between sending in your application and securing the job? The average Hiring Process in the United States takes around 30 days for a full-time employee, and even longer when it comes to a senior management position. While some patience will be required, there are some things you can do in order to help the process along, and keep things from going stagnant:

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On a Non-Linear Career Path? Here’s How To Handle Your Next Interview


Worried that you do not have a clearly defined career path for your future? You are not alone: a recent LinkedIn study showed that, even after ten years in the workforce, nearly half of all workers are not sure what their career path should look like. While it is tempting to consider your career as a ladder you should always be climbing, taking a non-linear path may actually yield better results for your career. When it comes time to interview for a job considered either a lateral move, or even a step down on the ladder, here are some tips on how to handle yourself during the interview:

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How Note-Taking Can Be the Key to Interview Success


Job interviews move quickly, so quickly that they can sometimes feel disorienting. Doing the prep work and mock interviews can help you properly prepare for the interview, but once you are face to face with the Hiring Manager, note-taking can make a major difference in making sure you hit the right points when selling yourself as the ideal candidate.

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Is It Too Late To Apply? How an “Old” Job Ad Can Lead To Great Opportunities


Have you come across a job ad that has been up for more than a few weeks and wondered if you should apply to something that, statistically, should have already been filled by now? While it’s true that companies get hundreds of applications within the first 24 hours of the job ad being published, there is a lot of value in checking into a job that has been out a little bit longer. Here is a process for doing that.

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