How Note-Taking Can Be the Key to Interview Success


Job interviews move quickly, so quickly that they can sometimes feel disorienting. Doing the prep work and mock interviews can help you properly prepare for the interview, but once you are face to face with the Hiring Manager, note-taking can make a major difference in making sure you hit the right points when selling yourself as the ideal candidate.

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Is It Too Late To Apply? How an “Old” Job Ad Can Lead To Great Opportunities


Have you come across a job ad that has been up for more than a few weeks and wondered if you should apply to something that, statistically, should have already been filled by now? While it’s true that companies get hundreds of applications within the first 24 hours of the job ad being published, there is a lot of value in checking into a job that has been out a little bit longer. Here is a process for doing that.

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3 Smart Ways to Stay Productive this Summer


Summer, and the warm weather that comes with it, is finally here! While summer is good for the soul, it can present distractions that can hinder your work. Studies show that productivity can drop up to 20% in the summer months and projects can take 13% longer to complete. Luckily, there are some simple ways to keep your productivity up while still enjoying the summer:

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Working With a Recruiter? These Four Things Will Help You Get Your Next Job


Working with a recruiter is part of a smart job search strategy that gives you access to new opportunities and expert advice. Plus, in the case of AppleOne, it’s all free. Working with a recruiter does not mean you can put your search on cruise control though. There are some things you need to do to get the most from your relationship.

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