Want to Get the Hiring Manager’s Attention? Three Tips for Crafting a Stellar Resume

Are you in the beginning phases of your job search or right smack in the middle and not getting any hits? It could very well be your resume. Crafting resumes can be one of the most daunting steps in the job-hunting process. It can be tedious and meticulous, but having a strong resume is necessary to getting a hiring manager’s attention. For many job seekers, creating or updating a resume can be very challenging. There’s an art to resume writing, and it’s very well possible to master this craft. We want to help ensure you find ease in the process, so check out three tips for crafting a stellar resume. 

Point Out Purpose

Job seekers assume that recruiters and hiring managers want a laundry list of job titles, duties, and responsibilities listed on the resume. In reality, the purpose of your resume is less about the duties you performed and more about the accomplishments you achieved. If you want to stand out above your competition, list achievements that are quantitative.

Stellar resumes show proven results instead of an inventory of job duties that hiring managers assume you can already perform. It is far more impressive to show them how you used your skills and experience to achieve a goal.

Point Out Value

Did you know you only have about seven seconds to win over the hiring manager’s attention? Well, that’s about all the time they spend reviewing a resume before scanning the next one. Hiring managers usually seek two primary attributes: the knowledge and value you’re offering the company and your understanding of what they value. If you want the eyes of hiring managers to be like magnets on your credentials, you must craft a value-based resume.  

Point Out Keywords 

Most submissions are scanned by ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). Getting a resume through ATS can be like breaking through a brick wall with your bare hands. It’s known in the workforce as the “black hole” because many job seekers submit resumes and either never get a response or get the dreaded “thank you for your resume submission…at this time…” and you know the rest.

ATS collects and stores candidate data for scanning purposes. What are they scanning for? KEYWORDS. Since ATS is designed to filter and route resumes without human interaction, keywords are your only avenue to get your resume before the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers. If you want to craft a stellar resume, the wisest advice we can give is to optimize keywords to stand out. It would be best if you personalized the keywords on your resume for each role you apply to.

Crafting a stand-out, stellar resume requires much understanding, patience, time, and effort, but you’ve got this! Best wishes on your journey to landing your dream job. Looking to get assistance in creating a stand-out resume? AppleOne is here to help in all aspects of your job search. Get started today at https://www.appleone.com/OnlineApplication/Home/Signup

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