3 Things You Can Do In A Job Interview to Get a Second Interview


A job interview is your time to shine. While your resume enticed the hiring manager enough to want to meet you in person, the interview is your chance to show them why you would be a great fit for the company and the position. Most companies will go through several rounds of interviews before extending a job offer, so one of your key goals of your first interview should be to demonstrate your strengths and secure a second interview where you will have a chance to make even more of an impression on a hiring manager. There are certain things that can help you stand out during a first interview that can help translate into a more in-depth second interview, including the following three items: Continue reading “3 Things You Can Do In A Job Interview to Get a Second Interview”

 Janice Bryant Howroyd, ACT•1 Group Founder and CEO, Receives Key Appointment to White House from President Obama




Congratulations to our Founder and CEO, Janice Bryant Howroyd! Janice’s key appointment by President Obama to serve on the Board of Advisors for the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities is a huge honor and pathway to directly advise the President and the Secretary of Education on methods, programs and strategies to strengthen Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Read more about this key appointment here: http://bit.ly/1T7IGay.


Thank You to Our Associates of the Month!

We can all appreciate how hectic the holidays can be. Thanks to AppleOne’s outstanding Temporary Associates, many of us are able to take a short breather to spend time with our loved ones, celebrate and even take a few moments to recharge for the coming year. We are always proud of all of our associates, and would like to applaud and thank some of very talented, dedicated and wonderful professionals who helped us deliver on our clients’ needs –and exceed their expectations! Continue reading “Thank You to Our Associates of the Month!”

Helping Disadvantaged Women Dress for Success

We all know that for those looking for work, job interviews is the make or break point. Every day, countless women who are willing and able to work find themselves at a disadvantage – because they lack the confidence and even the professional attire to put their best foot forward. Dress for Success (DFS) is a non-profit organization founded to address this all-too-common challenge. Continue reading “Helping Disadvantaged Women Dress for Success”

How to create an irrefutable match to the job opening

Almost every career-seeker blog will advise you to research a company before your interview. But what exactly should you research to stand out, and how?

Research aspects of the company, department, boss and position that will enable you to match yourself as an irrefutable fit.  Don’t leave them wondering if they connected the dots.  For each key aspect you determine about the company, consider how what you have done or know-how to do will help them.  Be as precise and detailed as you can.  The best way to create a match is to document the points and bring them with you as a written document to the interview.  Employers will appreciate hearing you walk through these points verbally as you answer their interview questions. Continue reading “How to create an irrefutable match to the job opening”

Great Job and Good Luck in Your New Career, Michael!

Congratulations to AppleOne associate, Michael Chau (seated, far right in photo), for completing his assignment with the City of Orange’s Human Resources team! “Michael did such a great job that when he gave notice, they took him out to lunch to wish him well in his new job!” says his recruiter, AppleOne Orange Assistant Branch Manager Angela Camacho. We at AppleOne are so grateful to have the opportunity to bring exceptional people and truly wonderful employers together, every single day!

The Interview: What You Might Not Be Asking About Company Culture

Sometimes, a company’s culture isn’t a good fit — for anyone.
company culture

Much of what we publish here is focused on making you, the applicant appealing to them, the interviewers/employer. But what about those times where it looks like you’re going to get offered the job, but you have that sinking feeling the fit might not be right. Continue reading “The Interview: What You Might Not Be Asking About Company Culture”

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