Find Joy In Your Work – Career Advice from AppleOne

Today’s career advice quote comes from industrialist and founder of Ford Motor Company Henry Ford.  Henry was a great innovator and is responsible for transforming the automobile from an invention of unknown utility into an innovation that profoundly shaped the 20th century and continues to affect our lives today.

Henry Ford definitely accomplished something in his work — and whether you accomplish something big or something small, celebrate your work by finding happiness in knowing that you have accomplished something today.

Career Advice from Abraham Lincoln – The Importance of Hustle

 Today’s career advice comes from our Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. President.

When you’re looking for a job or thinking about a career change, it is always easier to sit back and wait for things to come to you.  To truly get ahead and seize what you want and deserve, you will have to be diligent and work hard — or you will be left with the crumbs left behind by those who are hustling.

Career Advice – Own Your Future

Janice Bryant Howroyd is the CEO of the ACT-1 Group which is the parent company of AppleOne.  In her career advice book,“The Art of Work”, chapter 8 is titled “Own Your Future”.

Owning your future can mean many things, but when you look at this sage advice in relation to your career it means:

  • Be highly skilled and enthusiastic in your work
  • Invest in yourself, your education and your relationships
  • Assess your life periodically
  • Plan for the future

As Janice mentioned in her book, “temporary sacrifices and discomforts do not add up to an unhappy or unfulfilled life.  Once those moments are over, you will find that they have aided in your own development.”  The bottom line is that you “own your future” – how you react, respond and grow will determine your ultimate fulfillment.

Career Advice – How To Get Results

Janice Bryant Howroyd is the CEO of the ACT-1 Group which is the parent company of AppleOne.  In her advice book,“The Art of Work”, Janice mentions that she has several framed quotes in her office that “mean the world to her” and one of her favorites is:

“We get our results from where we place our attention.”

In explaining the importance of this quote, Janice says that “this little statement is much more powerful than it seems at first glance.”  In addition, Janice states that you should:

  • focus on your goals
  • look at your challenges as opportunities
  • not waste time on negative thoughts

As a final word of advice, Janice suggests that you write down this quote where you are sure to look at it every day and remind you to help organize your life toward productivity and enjoyment.

Persistence Beats Resistance

Today’s career advice comes from Bernie Howroyd, founder and president of AppleOne, and points out the value of persistence and hard work to create your own successes.

Instead of letting their minds lead them into negative territory, successful people treat every challenge as an opportunity to succeed.  Framing situations in this manner may require a change in mindset, but the long term results will be more than satisfactory, both personally and professionally.

Persistence Beats Resistance

Listen Out Loud – and Learn

The Seventh Commitment from Janice Bryant Howroyd’s “The Art of Work” identifies the importance of listening in your career and in your life.

It is very important to understand the value of talking with someone, as opposed to talking at someone.  When you do not listen to managers, employees or customers – you run risk of losing those relationships.  So, take the time to actively work on your learning skills and you will be rewarded with greater success.

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