Career Advice – Own Your Future

Janice Bryant Howroyd is the CEO of the ACT-1 Group which is the parent company of AppleOne.  In her career advice book,“The Art of Work”, chapter 8 is titled “Own Your Future”.

Owning your future can mean many things, but when you look at this sage advice in relation to your career it means:

  • Be highly skilled and enthusiastic in your work
  • Invest in yourself, your education and your relationships
  • Assess your life periodically
  • Plan for the future

As Janice mentioned in her book, “temporary sacrifices and discomforts do not add up to an unhappy or unfulfilled life.  Once those moments are over, you will find that they have aided in your own development.”  The bottom line is that you “own your future” – how you react, respond and grow will determine your ultimate fulfillment.

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