Don’t Forget to Vote Today

I Voted Sticker

Ten Reasons to Vote Today

  1. Vote because you can.
  2. Vote because so many others cannot.
  3. Vote even if you “know” your candidate will win. Nothing is certain.
  4. Vote even if you “know” your candidate will lose. See above.
  5. Vote even though no candidate is perfect. No one ever is.
  6. Vote because it is a duty and privilege.
  7. Vote to be a part of history.
  8. Vote to offset the vote of a person whose obnoxious political comments have been annoying you all election season.
  9. Vote, or don’t complain about the outcome.
  10. Just Vote.
Does Your Employer Give Your Time Off to Vote?
Thirty-five states also have laws that require private employers to give employees time off to vote, and in many of these states, the employee must be paid for this time.  Check to see the Voting Time Off for Your State from
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