AppleOne Supports Hiring Military Spouses and Veterans


Act-1 Group at Military Spouse Employment Partnership Induction

In May, Janice Bryant Howroyd, CEO and Founder of the Act-1 Group, and others from the Act-1 Group were on hand at the Pentagon in Washington, DC as the Act-1 Group (parent company of AppleOne) was inducted into the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP).

The MSEP provides job-seeking military spouses with a digital recruiting platform, offering direct access to vetted companies such as AppleOne and The ACT•1 Group.  The partnership consists of Fortune 500 “PLUS” companies, which include small and large businesses, government agencies, and organizations across America, and provides services to American military spouses across the globe.


Since the partnership was launched a year ago, the 96 companies have hired more than 22,000 military spouses, and more than 446,140 jobs have been posted on the Military Spouse Employment Partnership career portal.  The AppleOne page on the MSEP career portal can be found here.

As a new partner, AppleOne had to sign the MSEP Statement of Support and pledge to:

  • Increase employment opportunities for military spouses.
  • Help spouses stay employed as they relocate.
  • Provide promotion opportunities for spouses.
  • Support pay equity for spouses based on their level of training, work experience, accomplishments and credentials.


In addition, AppleOne is also supporting the Hero to Hire Program that provides tax credits to companies that hire returning, wounded and unemployed veterans.  The tax credits are available for veterans hired between November 22, 2011 and December 31,2012.  If you are planning to hire new employees before year end, you could be eligible for tax credits of up to $9,600.

More details of the Hero to Hire Program are available in the flyer below.  To learn more about the Hero to Hire program, please contact your local AppleOne branch office.

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