Do You Know What Motivates Job Seekers?

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SimplyHired released their third annual survey of job seekers yesterday, titled Today’s Job Seeker Report: A survey of job seeker behaviors and motivations.  The survey presents findings in the following three areas:

  • Finding work (satisfaction on the job, mobile job search, social job search)
  • Workplace priorities (passion for work, benefits, going green, working parents, working environment)
  • Today’s economy (the great recession, new work opportunities, home away from home, seasonal work)


James Beriker, the new president and CEO of Simply Hired had this to say about the survey:

“Understanding the needs and wants of today’s job seekers is a critical element in helping employers find the right candidate for the right job” 

Confidence and optimism in the economy appears to be growing now that it looks like unemployment is trending downward, albeit too slowly for many people.  The survey also showed the impact of millennials on the American workforce as job satisfaction and passion for work are becoming more important to job seekers.  

Some of the highlights in the survey include:

Salary and Company Culture are the 2 most important factors in accepting a job offer, representing 79% of the reasons selected


Doing what I love and advancing my talents and abilities are the two more important factors in defining career success accounting for 77% of the total

 The recent recession definitely had an impact on workers as 72% said it set them back in their career


There are many more insights in the full report, and you can download the entire report here.

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