Announcing the Availability of Your 2014 SCALE Salary Guide from ACT-1 Group/AppleOne


THE 2014 SCALE IS NOW AVAILABLE.  The 2014 ACT-1 Group/AppleOne Standards for Compensation and Leadership Excellence report–also known as the SCALE–is now available and once again, it is more than a salary guide.  We have always sought to go beyond a simple salary guide to bring you a resource packed with actionable ideas and information to help you achieve your management, recruiting and workforce goals.

The SCALE salary information was compiled from extensive research conducted with our branch locations, interviews with HR and labor experts, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and O*NET data, and ongoing client surveys.  The 2014 version will provide you with the most current information on compensation and workforce trends along with salary variances by major metropolitan area.

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE KEY FINDINGS?  Some of the key findings in Your 2014 SCALE include:

  • Companies are optimistic about 2014 with 73% of companies expecting revenue growth (compared to only 54% in our 2013 survey)
  • 97% of companies are planning to grow headcount or stay the same
  • Employers are very focused on retention with 90% saying that retaining staff is important for meeting their workforce goals


WHAT IS THE MAIN THEME THIS YEAR?  Given these facts, employer branding will be critically important for staff retention, and that is why our primary theme for 2014 is “Optimizing Employer Branding to Attract and Retain Top Talent”.  Since even small improvements in employer branding can have a significant impact, we provide some simple steps and strategies for building a strong employer brand.  Companies that have developed employer branding strategies have noted that it has reduced turnover by up to 35%


WHAT ELSE IS NEW?  We have also sprinkled “Secrets From A Recruiter” throughout the SCALE to bring you tips and tricks from our most seasoned recruiters.  In addition, we had added quotes from actual clients and jobseekers to highlight our Core Values and Approach.  We have also updated our SCALE portal which provides more in-depth and updated information to complement the printed version of the SCALE.  The link to the SCALE portal is available on the back page of the printed copy.

HOW CAN I GET A COPY OF YOUR SCALE?  In order to receive priority access to our powerful tool, you can contact your local AppleOne associate or office, or you can complete the SCALE request form and someone will contact you.  You can find the contact information for your nearest branch office here or you can call (800) 564-5644 to be connected to your nearest branch automatically.


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