Fusing Your Team With Technology Will Give You A Shot At The Big Leagues

Everyone knows how important it is to hire the right employees, but what about the technology they are using? The word “team” automatically makes us think of people but, just like all sports, the best players in the world won’t win a single game without the right equipment. It is only when you fuse the two together, teams and technology, that you have a shot at the big leagues.

First, look carefully at your organization. Is the right person in the right position? Assess their skill sets. Do they have the expertise they need to be successful? If there are knowledge gaps, develop a training plan. On-line, on-demand training resources are increasingly available and affordable; take advantage of them whenever you can.

Now, it is time to assess your tools. Given the rapid changes in technology I have found it helpful to practice three tips for tech success:

  1. Read Often Set aside time each week to peruse technology magazines and blogs.
  2. Ask Yourself What tools other industries are using? Can I apply them to my business?
  3. Take Risks Innovation requires some risk taking; don’t be afraid to be ahead of the pack.


If you’re not seeking out new technologies to support your organization, you might as well consider selling. Much about the future is uncertain, but rest assured that technology has a critical role to play. Lag behind at your peril; reach for the stars and you just might win it all.


Janice Bryant Howroyd is the CEO of the ACT•1 Group which is the parent company of AppleOne Employment Services. This blog post originally appeared in the newsletter of the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council.


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