Getting Inside the Hearts and Minds of Your Employees

In December 2013, LinkedIn surveyed 18,000 employed professionals in 26 countries to gather insights on jobs and careers.  The results provide a fascinating snapshot of today’s global workforce.

Several insights popped out of the analysis:

  • Passive candidates – only 15% of workers are completely satisfied with their positions and do not want to move.  The other 85% are either actively looking, casually looking or open to talking with a recruiter.  For recruiters and hiring managers, this is good news in that the majority of workers are open to a conversation about their future – especially if you have a compelling story to share or can provide a better career opportunity
  • Satisfied employees – 72% of employees are either completely satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their current role.  On the surface, this looks good for employers.  But employers should not get complacent and think that their employees would not consider alternatives.  What are you doing as an employer to keep your employees engaged and committed? How are you encouraging them to learn and grow?

An infographic with highlights from the research report are summarized below or you can download the entire 2014 LinkedIn Talent Trends reports here.

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