Ace Your Annual Review!

For many employees, the end of the year means that annual reviews are just around the corner. While annual reviews are a part of corporate life, they should not be taken for granted as they can serve as a way for you to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Below are some steps you can take to ensure you are prepared for and get the most out of your review:

Look Back At the Year and Review Your Achievements

Be honest about yourself when you are getting ready for your review. Think about where you have thrived during the year and where you may need some work. What were your top achievements? Could you have done anything different to improve your standing in the company? Think about where you could improve yourself in the next year, along with where you think you are doing things correctly.  Don’t be negative about yourself, just be realistic.

Look At the Guidance Your Manager Gave You Last Year and See If You Followed It

One of the best things about annual reviews is that your manager will give you advice on where you can improve during the next year. Before you get advice for the new year, look back on coaching from last year and ask yourself whether you have succeeded in following it.

Treat It Like A Yearly Job Interview

Are you planning to move up in your company? Do you want to make the impression that you are ready for a new challenge? Treat your annual review like it is a yearly job interview. Remember to prepare and practice answers ahead of time, and just generally make the review a constructive experience. You will find that things will go smoother when you plan ahead.

Consider Whether It Is Time to Move On

Your yearly review is a great time for you to consider where you are and whether it is where you want to be. If you feel stuck in the position you are in, or you are unfulfilled with the company, you may want to consider trying something new. There is no time like today to change things up if you are looking for a new challenge.

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