Thank You to Our Associates of the Month!

At AppleOne, we strive to give our clients the best Temporary Associates. Whether it is in the cubicle, the stockroom, or the boardroom, we are proud of the individuals that we can offer because they are the best in the business. While we are proud of all of our employees, there are some that stand out in the daily work that they do. We want to applaud these outstanding talents for their dedicated and professional work. They didn’t just meet our clients’ expectations, they exceeded them!

Abraham P.

Adam D.

Alex C.

Alix S.

Andrew S.

Andy A.

Arnel M.

Arnold K.

Caesar C.

Carmen L.

Caryn P.

Celine B.

Christian O.

Christine A.

Constance E.

Constance O.

David G.

Dean A.

Dennis G.

Dennis I.

Eric D.

Fred W.

Gary G.

Heather H.

James B.

Jasmine K.

Jeanne E.

Jenny P.

Jerricka D.

John C.

Kate D.

Katherine M.

Kay C.

Kris I.

Marcia C.

Michael F.

Natia H.

Nikki G.

Noel M.

Olga R.

Paul L.

Robert P.

Steve D.

Vicki M.

Walter R.

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