Make Candidates Love Your Company


With hundreds of thousands of jobs being added to the market each month, job candidates have more options to choose from than they have in years. Because of this, it is vital that you make candidates fall in love with your company during the job search and interview process. It is not just about having a strong corporate image; it is about the little things that you do as well. Here are three ways to make a candidate fall in love with your company:

Write a Clear and Concise Job Post

Making a candidate fall in love with you starts with a clear and concise job posting. When you tell them what you need to know to evaluate their background and skills against what you need, you will stand out from the many jobs that make candidates guess about job specifications or what skills they need to have in order to qualify for the job.

Weave “WIFM” Throughout the Process

In addition to clearly communicating what you want from candidates, make sure your postings share what the job will do for the candidate. WIFM, or “What’s In It For Me?”, is what candidates are looking to gain from a job. When candidates look for a job, they are looking for items like career development, a better work/ life balance, more earning potential, increased prestige, and better leadership opportunities. Weave these ideas into the job posting; tell them about how you can help with career development, or how they can better their work/life balance. In addition, make sure you talk about “WIFM” facts in your interview, reinforcing the ideas that you put forth in the posting. The more that you can talk about what you can do for them, the more a candidate will fall in love with your company.

Clearly Identify the Next Steps

Candidates want to have a clear idea of what is going to happen after an interview. To help them understand what to expect and spare them extra stress, you need to identify what the next steps are going to be. If you are going to have another round of interviews, let them know this before they leave the initial one. If you know you are going to have to take three weeks to make a decision, let them know this. Candidates will leave knowing what to expect and you can reduce the risk that they move onto another opportunity because they think they are out of the running for yours.



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