4 Things to Do in Q4 to Hire Strategically in 2016

Tuesday Post 2016

The fourth quarter begins this week, and with the holidays and loose ends to tie up by year-end, we might not have as much time to form a strong 2016 hiring strategy as we’d like.

Here’s how to start the foundation for a recruitment plan that sets you up for a successful year:

Mobilize Your Social Media: The better the candidates you attract, the better your chances of making good hires. We now shop using mobile phones and consult social media when making purchase decisions. It’s not that different for job seekers who look to these resources when searching for work – and deciding where to work. Social media recruiting has become so influential and even pervasive that for many companies, it is the foundation for their employer branding. If you haven’t yet, work on creating an online presence that will entice and engage job seekers, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp, Glassdoor, or industry-specific sites.

Listen to Other Leaders: While hectic, the end of the year is often punctuated by lulls as many clients and vendors slow or even shut down for the holidays. Take this time to speak with the heads of your company’s various teams and departments to get a clear picture of what they will be needing, staff-wise, in 2016. Getting valuable feedback and seeing everyone’s hiring “wish lists” will allow you to plan farther ahead and prepare for contingencies such as employee turnover and other unknowns that may come up.

Learn from Baby Boomers: It’s been going on for over a decade and the rise gets steeper every year – the baby boomers are leaving the workplace despite the challenging economy. According to the Social Security Administration, this demographic comprises 33% of the workforce and 48% of our supervisors. While retiring will remain at a staggered rate, smart companies can benefit from proactively minimizing productivity and knowledge gaps by having their Baby Boomer staff mentor and train their newer colleagues.

Partner with an Expert: Partnering with a trusted staffing provider during the planning process and throughout the year can make your recruitment process more efficient and thorough. Most companies provide staffing guidance at no cost, and depending on your needs, can save you time and money – when you need to quickly fill productivity gaps, fill a very specialized position, or wish to pursue passive candidate.

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