Interviewing Like a Pro – Zeroing In On What Excites You During A Job Interview


You typically won’t apply for a job you aren’t excited about. More specifically, there are going to be items in the job description that have piqued your interest. Maybe it’s the fact that you get to write in a specific type of style, or that you get to show off your expertise in a type of software. Companies understandably prefer a candidate who is going to be excited about what they do on a daily basis, you want to show your hiring managers what parts of the job description really stands out to you. When you are zeroing in on what excites you about a job, here are three things to consider:

Think of Specific Items from the Job Description That Will Show You Are a Great Fit for the Job

You may not have time to talk about everything that excites you about the job, so you want to make what you pick count. Try naming items that will show how you are a great fit for the job. For example:

“When I read the job description I was excited to learn that I would be working directly with vendors in the Baltimore area. Not only do I have more than five years’ experience working one-on-one with vendors, but I also am from the Baltimore area, so I know the area, and will have prior knowledge of a lot of the vendors we will be working with.”

If There is an Item From the Job Description That Excited You, Talk About How You Excelled in it at A Prior Job

There are going to be items on the job description that not only excite you, but that you know you are very good at. It’s always good idea to bring up said items in your job interview, talking about how you were able to expertly tackle them at your last employer. For example:

“One of the parts of the job that I am excited about is the fact that I am going to be using PowerPoint on a daily basis. At Worldwide Widgets, I had to give weekly PowerPoint presentations. In fact, I was the PowerPoint ‘go-to’ person in the building. If anyone had problems setting up slides or setting up the system, they would come to me.”

Adding Facts, Figures, And, If Possible, Manager Praise Will Add Validity to Your Answer

Facts, figures, and manager praise will add validity to any answer that you give during your interview. When you talk about items that excite you about a job, adding in these bits of information will make your answer pop. For example:

“When I read the job description, I was excited that I would be tackling the purchasing for your warehouse. At Widget World, I was able to cut spending by 17%, just by calling up vendors instead of going with the prices listed online. My manager said that I changed the way that they ran the department going forward.”

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