Effectively Evaluate Candidate Fit Using Behavioral Interview Questions


Behavioral Interview

Just like applicants need to prepare for job interviews to make the best impression, interviewers need to plan for interviews in order to successfully identify the best candidates. If you are planning on adding new hires in the coming year, our Hiring Toolkit provides great pointers, including determining how well prospective candidates fit your company culture and/or team using behavioral interview questions.

Establishing consistent questions for all interviewees can help you make a more impartial and better-defined evaluation when it’s time to hire. Select the traits that are most important to you for this position, and ask behavioral questions that are designed to reveal those traits. Don’t forget to note their responses as these will come in handy when it’s time to deliberate.


Desired Trait Possible Questions
Sense of Urgency Tell me about the last project you completed ahead of schedule.
What allowed you to beat your deadline? When did this last happen?
Strong Customer Service Skills Can you tell me about a time you did something extra for a customer that you didn’t have to do, but you did it because it would be better for the customer?
Strong Work Ethic Describe what work ethic means to you and give me three examples.
Reliability When we check references, what percent of the time in a year will they say you were reliable?
Teamwork Tell me about a successful team project. What was your role on the team? What did you contribute?
Proactive What are two or three things you did last year to improve a process, save time or save money?


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