Can Volunteering Help You On Your Job Search?


When on a job search, volunteering is something that you should consider doing. Not only is it a great way to give back to your community, but it is also something that can help you in the all-important arena of networking. Here are three ways that volunteering can help your job search:

It Allows You to Expand Your Network

Volunteering allows you to meet a wide variety of new people that you can add to your network. While you want to be focused on the work that you are doing there, don’t forget to have a good time doing it. Be social, laugh, practice teamwork, and, most importantly, talk! You may find that the person you are talking to runs a business that is hiring, or that they can set you up with an interview. Even if they don’t have a direct connection to a job right now, they may be someone that you can keep in touch with for future openings.

Your Target Companies May Sponsor Volunteer Events

Companies, large and small, are becoming more and more interested in setting up volunteering opportunities with local charities. Many of these volunteer sessions are not “private” as the employees will mix with regular volunteers to work on tasks.  This means that you’ll be able to work one on one with employees at local companies, including managers and those who are in charge of hiring. Many companies like to have these types of events on Saturday or Sunday mornings, and you can typically find out where a company you are interested in is volunteering by following them on social media.

Non-Profits May Be Looking To Hire

Most non-profits are structured like any other business, meaning that they will need to hire from time to time. While they will advertise their openings, a great way to get a jump on things is to regularly volunteer with an organization. This can help you in two ways: first, the more you volunteer the more you’ll talk to the employees of the charity, and if they know you are looking for work, and a job comes up that is up your alley, they may help you out a bit with the process (i.e. get you in for an interview before they even release the job online). Second, when you apply you can mention in your cover letter that you have volunteered extensively with them and have experience with the structure of the charity.






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