Is It Time to Hire That Long-term Temporary Associate?


If you are like many employers, you probably have a long-term temporary associate or two who are quietly and efficiently getting things done for you. At this point, it can be hard to even imagine how you would get along without them. They integrate so well into your team that you may even have forgotten they aren’t a full-time employee already. There are several benefits to bringing them on full time now.

Lock Them In

Since a temporary assignment could end at any point, temporary associates are much more likely to be on the look-out for their next opportunity. January is one of the busiest hiring months, so there is a lot more competition out there waiting to lure your key team members away from you. By hiring somebody full-time you demonstrate your commitment and get additional commitment back in return.

Approvals Are Easier

Getting approval to hire somebody full-time can be a lot easier if you build it into your plan for the coming year. Budgets are being set and plans are being created. Use this opportunity to build them into your plan.

It Makes Them Even More Valuable

The fact is that your employees become more valuable over time – particularly when you are able to support their professional development. AppleOne’s temporary associates all come with the skills and experience to get the job done, but as your needs evolve, it’s helpful to have employees who can evolve with them. That is much easier to do when you are better able to shape their training and career path.

If you are ready to hire your temporary associate, simply contact your Hiring Advisor to discover how quick and easy it is to transition them to your payroll. Your Hiring Advisor would be happy to work with you to get your 2016 started on the right foot.

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