3 Traits that Indicate Your Seasonal Hire Might Be a Keeper


Now that most of us have put away the holiday décor and sent the kids back to school, it’s back to business as usual. If you hired seasonal help for the holiday rush, you might be thinking that one or even more of them could be great full-time additions to your staff. Below are three strong qualities that are good indicators that your seasonal employee could be somebody you want hire.

He or She is a Fast, Enthusiastic Learner:  Many people are willing and able to learn how to do their work – it’s rarer to find someone who is sincerely interested and perhaps even passionate, about learning how to do a great job, and this speaks volumes about a person’s work ethic and potential to succeed as an employee.


He or She Goes the Extra Mile: If you have a seasonal hire who gladly picked up the slack, or offered to stay late to clean up, or wait for deliveries to come in after hours, you may just be lucky enough to have found someone with drive, dedication and dependability – all trademarks of a true gem. Hiring this person full-time can be a smart move because you are bringing in a team player who is happy to help you ensure that all bases are covered.


He or She is a People Person: Attitude is important. Someone with great interpersonal skills is great for team morale, and for customer-facing jobs, it is vital for creating strong customer rapport. If you have a holiday hire who fits in well with you and your team – someone who gets the job done with a smile while making others smile too, you may be looking at a valuable team asset: someone who improves the work dynamic and customer relations.

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