Maximizing Your Career – Things you should do when you are already employed and happy


Even if you are deliriously happy with your current job and have no plans to leave anytime soon, there are things that you should do on a regular basis to help you get the most out of your career.

Keep Track Of What You Have Contributed

At the end of each quarter, take some time to review your performance. Take note of what you have contributed, and plan what you will contribute in the next quarter. This will be invaluable when it comes time for your annual reviews, and it will also be beneficial when it is time to consider your next career step. Your manager and prospective managers want to hear about specific ways that you helped the company to make or save money, and maintaining a list of accomplishments is a lot easier than trying to remember everything a year or two from now.

Build and Nurture Your Professional Network

Networking is a lot easier when you don’t actually need something from your network. Look for opportunities to stay in touch with people, and look for opportunities to help others in your network. This way when it’s time to leverage your network they will be much more receptive.

Develop Your Professional Skills

Once you’ve found an efficient way to get something done it’s easy to get comfortable with that method. However, tools and techniques are evolving all the time. Take advantage of every opportunity to upgrade your skills. Attend webinars and lunch and learns from relevant professional organizations or vendors. Stay up to date on new software with Lynda and other training systems. It will make you more valuable in your current role. It can help get you promoted faster, and when it is time to take your next career step, it can make you significantly more marketable.

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