Four Important Things To Do The Night Before Your Interview


While it is natural to feel a little bit of stress going into a job interview, you want to take steps to limit it, especially on the day of the interview. One of the best ways to limit your stress is to be properly prepared the night before. Here are four important things to do the night before your interview.

Drive By The Interview Location

It is important not just to know where your interview is being held, but also what the surrounding area is like. You need to know whether there is ample parking out front, whether there is any traffic in the area that you have to account for, and whether you have a long walk from the parking lot to the office. While you can get a lot of information via the Internet, nothing beats driving by the location to get an idea of what you can expect. Also, while you are out, fill up your car with gas so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning.

Figure Out What You Are Going To Wear

Deciding what you are going to wear to an interview is something that should be done before you go to sleep the night before your interview. While you may have a dry cleaned outfit ready to go, accessories like ties, jewelry, and even socks should be out and ready to go the morning of your interview. If you are going to limit stress in the morning, you want to simply be able to get dressed without having to think about what you are going to wear.

Complete Your Interview Success Form from the Navigating the Hiring Process Workbook

The “Interview Success Form” in the AppleOne Navigating the Hiring Process Workbook allows you to go step by step in your preparation for your interview. Personalize the form to the specific job you are interviewing for so that you are ready to present a smooth rendition of your WIFM commercial, and answer even the toughest questions with ease.

Get To Bed Early

If you can get to bed early the night before your interview, take advantage of the opportunity. A solid eight hours of sleep will leave your brain in peak condition for the interview. Also, the earlier you go to sleep the earlier you can get up in the morning without sacrificing sleep. If you have a bad habit of rushing through your morning routine because you sleep through your alarm, this is a good time to break it. Give yourself an extra hour to get ready in the morning, meaning that you won’t feel rushed.

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