5 Ways You Can Leverage Your Company and Culture to Draw Top Talent


Attracting Top talent magnet

The US added over 2.65 million jobs in 2015. While this is a great sign for our economy regaining momentum, the increased demand for workers makes it challenging for employers who are looking to hire.

In a talent-driven market, we find ourselves working to entice talent based on what they need and want. Fortunately, you can easily do this by creating an Employer Value Proposition that answers an applicant’s main question, which is: “What’s in it for me?” or WIFM.

In the interview and throughout the recruiting process you need to constantly map your employer value proposition to what the candidates are telling you is important to them. Below are some examples of marketing statements from AppleOne’s Hiring Toolkit. You can use these statements to show how your company and culture are great fits for the Talent’s immediate and future goals.

  1. Engaging Career-Driven Talent:

When somebody signals that they are interested in growth opportunities, you might describe what you do to facilitate growth for your employees. For instance: “We are committed to promoting from within. From day one we will work with you to establish a clearly defined career path, we have invested millions in developing the talent of our employees to help them achieve their full potential.”

  1. Enticing Talent Seeking Work/Life Balance:

Many candidates say they wish more jobs came with Flexible Scheduling. If this is a benefit you can offer, it is certainly a huge plus for attracting top talent: “We want our employees to have rewarding professional lives, but we want them to have rewarding personal lives as well. Our flexible scheduling will give you the power to bring balance to your life.”

  1. Appealing to Income-Motivated Talent:

The potential to earn more is always a strong determining factor for talent. Providing them with a clear view of how they can earn more by working with you, either through performance bonuses or other earning incentives can swing the odds to your favor: “Our bonus system will give you specific goals and objectives you can meet to increase your earnings.”

  1. Highlighting Prestige to Win Over Talent:

Working at a prestigious company is always attractive to talent. If you are a successful company, any person who did his or her homework is probably well aware of it, but reiterating the prestige associated with working for you can be the deal clincher: “As a leading provider of household and kitchen tools our products are household names. You will be working on the most popular kitchen product of the past five years.” 

  1. Using Great Leadership as a Talent Draw:

Having the opportunity to work with a successful mentor and team can be a big selling point to professionals who are motivated by teamwork and collaboration. Describing a scenario where they can learn, grow and thrive with great colleagues is likely to increase their interest in the opportunity: “You will be working under a manager whose team is consistently recognized as one of the top teams in the company. They have 26 top contributor awards between them. One of our most recognized employees says her successes are in large part due to this manager’s mentorship and coaching.”

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