If You Have 10+ Years with the Same Employer, You Need a Special Resume Format



Hiring managers like to see a long and prosperous tenure with a company, but you will need to structure your resume a bit differently than if you had frequent job changes. When you are applying for a new job, an employer wants to see a resume that reflects your growth and continued education during your career, so simply listing a decade-long job as it were any other position on your resume is not going to allow you to show what you have achieved. Here are three tips on how to best suite your resume for this type of situation:

Break Your Time With The Company Into Several Different Stages Or Blocks

Whether you section your job by title changes, promotions, or major projects, segmenting your tenure will allow more of your contributions to shine. For example, if you worked for a company for 10 years and got three promotions during that time, list it as if it were four different jobs, even if it was for the same company. Treating each position like a new job (while showing that they are connected, of course) allows for more bullet points to show off what you accomplished, as well as a more structured looking resume.

When Listing Skills And Training, Be Thorough

When you are coming off of a long-tenure with a company, it is important that you show that you continued to grow your skills and took on new challenges while at the company. Take special care to show new skills that you picked up during your time at your job, as well as any training you were a part of that would keep you up on the latest software, trends, and rules that will help you fit seamlessly into your new role.

Use The Latest Buzzwords In Your Resume To Show That You Are Up To Date

Buzzwords show a hiring manager that you are up-to-date on the current industry trends, which can be important if you have been working with the same company for a while. There may be some worry on their part that you have become so comfortable in a job that you haven’t paid attention to what has been going on in your industry beyond your day-to-day needs. By peppering your resume with buzzwords, especially when they have to do with specific skills you need to excel at a job, hiring managers will quickly see that you are worthy of an interview.



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