4 Tips for Writing Job Descriptions that Attract the Right Talent

Winning Job Descriptions

Most companies invest a lot of time and effort on marketing to ensure their products and services catch the eye of their target market. Many employers would agree it’s just as important to attract the right employees as it is to appeal to their ideal customers. Here’s how to write job descriptions that capture the attention and interest of precisely the talent your company needs and wants:


Make sure to Include Specifics

While a more general job description can mean opening the doors to more candidates, it does not necessarily help you find more qualified employees faster. In addition to listing essential job functions, make sure to include specifics like software skills, technical training, necessary training/certification/credentials, and other required qualifications.


Get Team Feedback

While it is faster to build a job description on your own, sometimes the best resource are those who will be working the most with the new hire. In addition to giving valuable input on what skills and qualification are most needed, their familiarity with the work load, routine and culture can mean meaningful insight on what professional background  would best thrive in their environment (marketing or advertising? Retail or commercial?).


Have It Proofread and Reviewed

The same way job seekers need to be meticulous about their resumes, have your job descriptions checked for grammatical and spelling errors. Just as importantly, if you have HR and legal teams, run the job descriptions by them to eliminate any possible legal issues, such as including statements that may be viewed as discriminatory.


Clearly Distinguish Between Preferences and Requirements

Making the distinction between required and preferred skills is key to attracting talent with the right skills. Conversely, not being clear about what you prefer versus what you require may cause great candidates to drop off because they don’t think they have the necessary qualifications. Set minimum requirements and add well-defined preferences to encourage those candidates that do have them to apply.

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