3 Ways To Keep Pace With Top Talent Using Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting

Job seekers are increasingly using their mobile devices such smartphones and tablets to look for opportunities. From browsing for job openings to filling out applications to researching potential employers, mobile devices have become the job search tool of choice for more and more Americans. Today’s job seekers no longer view recruitment videos, job notifications, and recruiter feedback as novelties – they expect them, right away and right at their fingertips. Here are three ways you can make your recruitment efforts go the extra mile with mobile recruiting and attract top talent:


    1. Mobile-ize Your Recruiting Resources. Even if you think your company’s careers page is already mobile, check it now to ensure the information, images and videos load quickly and in a visually appealing way. If your site is still not optimized to accommodate mobile browsing, consider investing in a site upgrade or work with an employment services partner to ensure you aren’t missing the growing number of people who search exclusively via mobile devices.


    1. Offer Relevant, Mobile-Ready Content. If they’re smart, candidates will look into your company before or soon after they send in their application. This means you need to be able to tell your company’s story, share your culture and provide other useful information that can be consumed by mobile users. Yes, be active on social media, but don’t overlook the benefit of having updates that demonstrate your innovation, thought leadership and community involvement right on your own pages. In addition to setting those that do make the extra effort for success, having a mobile, optimized and relevant presence can go a long way to engaging top tier talent and can give you a competitive advantage against other employers.


  1. Think Like a Millennial. While mobile devices aren’t exclusively used by the millennial generation, this demographic is blazing a new path in how we connect, both personally and professionally. In addition to setting the pace, millennials are also projected to make up more than 70% of the workforce in 10 years. This generation expects processes to be quick and intuitive. Mobile is how millennials will find you, learn more about you, and interact with you. Optimize your mobile recruiting, and you will be ready to engage the most advanced generation we have seen– and the biggest demographic in next decade’s workplace.

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