Streamlining Your Job Search: Putting Together A Target Employers List



One of the best ways to streamline your job search and better focus your time is to target specific employers that you know you want to work for. In fact, the first step in your search should be to take a few minutes to assemble a list of 20-25 employers that match your priority list. If you are wondering how to assemble this list of target employers, here are four sources to pull from:

Companies You Already Know You Want To Work For

Are there certain companies that you’ve always been dying to work for? These should be the first targets on your list. Even if job boards don’t show that these companies are currently hiring, it’s important to remember that up to 80% of job openings aren’t outwardly published, meaning that the only way you are going to find these jobs is by contacting the employer directly. There is a very good chance that the company you always wanted to work for is looking for someone with your skill and experience level right now.

Companies In The Same Industry As Your Current or Former Employers (A.K.A. Competitors)

Because you would like to find job openings that are in the same industry as a former or current employer, it’s a good idea to look towards companies that were competitors. There is a very good chance that the skills that made you excel at your former job would be transferrable to these open jobs.

Companies That Worked With Or Provided Services To Your Current or Former Employers

Was there a company that you worked in conjunction with that you absolutely loved? The one where you always marveled at how happy their employees were and that they were working on projects that you wished you were working on? Add them to the list. The fact that you worked with them in the past could give you a leg up on the competition.

Companies Where Your Friends And Family Work

You no doubt have friends and family members who love where they work. Adding these companies to your target employer list will allow you to not just apply for jobs with a company whose culture someone you know can vouch for, but knowing someone who works there could help you along the application/interview process. Even if they can’t get you an interview outright, they may be able to make sure that your resume is forwarded directly to hiring managers who are making the decisions.

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