Tips For Getting That Summer Job


As this school year speeds towards the end of spring semester, it’s time to think about getting a summer job. Whether you are looking for a job that fits into your career path or are just looking for something that will pay the bills for the next few months, here are some great tips that will help you land what you are looking for:

Before You Search, Update Your Resume To Show What You Have Gained Over The Last Year

Before you start your search it is important that you update your resume to show the skills and experience that you have gained since the last time you updated your resume. Even if you haven’t had paying employment during that time, think about the skills you have learned in your classes, training, and anything you’ve picked up in your free time. Don’t forget to include work on student organizations, volunteer work and internships.

Don’t Wait: Start Looking/ Applying Right Now

Interviews can take several weeks, so if you’re looking to start your work once the semester ends, get started researching opportunities and applying now. We know end of semester is a busy time, but it’s important to make time. This is especially critical if you are applying for jobs that frequently use summer/student help as those companies start their selection processes early and you want to secure your spot before all the jobs are taken.

Job Boards Are Convenient, But They Don’t Show You Most Of What Is Out There

Online job boards can be a convenient way to apply to a lot of jobs while getting daily updates on what new jobs have become available. The thing is, almost 80% of open jobs are never listed on a job board, meaning that if you are applying on those alone, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Most positions are still filled through referral, so tap into your network, and don’t be shy about using your parents’/family’s network if you haven’t built yours out yet. Not only will you get access to premium jobs, but you’ll also deal with less competition than what you’ll find with widely advertised jobs. Another good approach is to call local companies to see if they are hiring or check the company web sites for job leads.

Don’t Forget That There Is A Lot Of Help At Your Disposal

There is no reason to go at your job search alone. All colleges have some type of career center. In addition to job opportunities, they may be able to connect you to alumni who can either help you get a job or, at the very least, be a great mentor for you going forward.

And, if you already have a few years of work experience, don’t forget that there are staffing companies like AppleOne that will offer tools and assistance with finding work.

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