Why You Need a Career Consultant – even if you love your job


Partnering with an employment service like AppleOne gets you access to a free career consultant. This personal consultant can help you achieve your work goals – even if one of those goals isn’t finding a new job. Here are three reasons why getting some personal coaching from employment expert can help you even if you love your current job.

Tips to Achieve the Best Career Path in Your Current Company

Feeling happy and secure in your job is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean that you want to stand still. Companies are always looking to promote from within, and it takes effective goal selection and planning to make sure that you are in the proper position to advance when the time comes. A Career Consultant will help you not only set achievable goals that will put you in the spotlight, but they can also show you how to properly impress your boss and your boss’s boss, giving you a better chance of being on the shortlist for high-profile management jobs when they become available.

Insight into Where Your Profession and Industry is Headed

Your profession is constantly evolving and it is important to know where it is headed. A Career Consultant will help you keep up to date on the newest technologies and ideas that are shaping your industry, and let you know what hot skills you need to acquire in order to stand out on future resumes. They can also help you understand how your current salary and benefits compare to others with similar jobs and experience.

Discreet Tips and Confidential Help

Is there a company you always wanted to work for or a job that would make you think about changing positions. Even if you aren’t ready to start looking for a job, let your consultant know about your dream opportunity, and they can keep an eye out and make sure that you know about the opportunity before anybody else. And since they are discreet and confidential nobody even needs to you know you have feelers out. Additionally, building a strong relationship with your consultant means they will be instantly ready to help you develop a confidential search strategy, should your priorities change.


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