Janice Bryant Howroyd Honored with A.G. Gaston Award at the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit

JBH Gaston

Black Enterprise will be honoring ACT-1 Founder and CEO, Janice Bryant Howroyd, with the prestigious A.G. Gaston Award. This honor is given to those who have exceeded beyond measure in business and entrepreneurship.

Janice is being honored with this accolade for being the first African American woman to own a billion-dollar company, ACT-1 Group, the largest minority woman-owned employment agency in the United States. Founded in 1978, the Act-1 Group is now a global enterprise that provides employment, workforce management, and procurement solutions to a wide range of industries, Fortune 500 organizations, local and mid-market companies, and government agencies. Founded by Janice in 1978, the ACT-1 Group is Largest privately-held, woman and minority owned workforce management company in the U.S. and currently operates in 19 countries, serving over 17,000 clients and 2,600 employees worldwide.

During an interview with BlackEnterprise.com,  Janice stated, “You have to think and act globally. No matter what the size of your business, no matter what the generation or iteration of your business, you are in a global business. We all compete globally—no matter what we manufacture, no matter what we deliver as a service or a solution, there is someone else in the world also doing that—and technology has brought us together into a single community.”

Janice also said that now is the best time to start a business because opportunities are ripe. “Whenever you have an economic situation that is weakened a bit, whenever you find societies are having challenges, you also have the opportunity to bring solutions people may not have thought about before and you can deliver in ways they’ve never been open to receive it,” she explains.

Janice will be honored for her considerable achievements in entrepreneurship at the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit, May 4–7, Loews Miami Hotel, Miami, Florida.

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