56% of Employees Are Ready to Resign!


AppleOne Employment Services is pleased to announce the release of its latest annual compensation and leadership guide, the 2017 SCALE (Standards for Compensation And Leadership Excellence).

Key Findings Included in the 2017 SCALE*:

  • Fifty-six percent (56%) of employees plan to resign in the near future
  • Forty-two percent (42%) of employees turned over in the past 12 months
  • Managers see 80% of their teams as engaged, but only 22% of employees agree

*Based on national survey responses

A resounding 61% of surveyed employers asked for employee retention solutions as their number one request this year. Turnover costs continue to rise. The average Cost-of-Turnover is now more than $42k for a $50k position, so businesses are finding that retention is both good for company culture and the bottom line.

AppleOne responded by compiling more than 50 years of expertise in retention to create an online portal of exclusive resources such as Stay Interview Scripts, a Recognition Planner, and Turnover and Raise Calculators. Additionally, AppleOne Hiring Advisors are meeting with their customers to provide the framework for incorporating benchmarking, recognition programs, and today’s best recruitment marketing approach.

“We teach our customers to be better at making a quality match because hiring is about retention, contribution, and long-term growth, not hiring to fill a hole as fast as you can.” says AppleOne Vice President of Enterprise Development, Cynthia Futvoye.

Free copies of the 2017 SCALE are available through all AppleOne Hiring Advisors and at http://www.appleone.com/SalaryGuide/.




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