Three Easy Life Hacks You Can Do Today To Improve Your Career

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Looking for a few easy ways to improve your performance? Here are three things that you can start today that will help you become better, and more confident, at your job.

Keep Track Of Your Contributions

Busy work weeks can become a blur, making the idea of keeping track of progress and celebrating your accomplishments  a challenge. Keeping a journal, either in a notebook or on your computer, and updating it daily, will help you keep track of short- and long-term progress. Because projects tend to blend into each other, this journal will also give you reference dates on your projects, helping you to replicate successful processes in the future. If you have a job where numbers play a key part in your day, set up some Excel graphs that you can easily update, giving you a visual representation of how you have grown.  All of this documentation will also play a big role in future job searches, as they give you real numbers and situations that you can reference to hiring managers.

Know What You’re Working For

Are you supporting a family? Saving money for an awesome trip or a house? Do you want to change the world? We all work for money or to be useful and contribute, but behind that is a real goal that makes it all worthwhile. Any time it feels as if the work of the day is dragging you down, you can give yourself a jolt of motivation by taking a moment to focus on why you go to work each day. You don’t need a full vision board, but a photo works great for this. Make it as specific as possible. A photo of your daughter is precious, but a photo of your daughter at the science camp you’re working to send her to, so she can follow her passion and discover her future really tells you why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Stay Positive

You can’t control the circumstances, but you can control how you respond to them. Positivity is a state of mind. Make the affirmative choice to look for the good in every situation, and embrace every new challenge with anticipation and hope. You’ll see a marked difference in what you are able to accomplish, and staying positive can help you stand out in the workplace, which will help you gain a managers eyes when it comes time for a promotion.

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