Students– These Tips Will Help You Get Your Summer Job


Summer is just around the corner, and in addition to finally being able to throw your jacket to the back of the closet, it’s also time to find a job. Looking to secure employment before you have to start worrying about finals? Here are a couple of tips that can help get you a great summer job.

Make Last Year’s Resume This Year’s Resume

You’ve grown a lot over the past year, and the skills and experiences you gained both on and off campus have made you a stronger person and job candidate. Update last year’s resume and cover letter to represent your growth, focusing on what you can bring to an employer in terms of skills.

Have Your Elevator Pitch Ready to Go at All Times

Elevator pitches are not just for elevators. As a student, job opportunities can occur in unexpected ways. You never know who you’ll meet walking to class, or what special guest lecturer you’ll be able to talk to. When these chance meetings occur, you want to be able to sell yourself in 30 seconds or less, and the more smoothly you can do it, the better chance you’ll have of making a great first impression. Find out how to use a handshake meeting to properly sell yourself at

The Early (Applicant) Gets the Worm

By the time temperatures finally stabilize and music festival season begins, many of the summer jobs that you are targeting will be filled. Even if they won’t start until mid-June, companies typically want to fill positions at least a month in advance. Applying early will allow you to be among the first wave of applicants, increasing your chances at getting a job. If you notice that a target company has yet to post their summer jobs, inquire with a phone call, and have your elevator pitch ready, as they may be looking to fill the job without announcing it to the public.

Don’t Forget That There Is a Lot of Help at Your Disposal

There is no reason to go about your summer job search alone. All colleges have some type of career center, and teachers and guidance counselors are usually happy to give you advice. They may be able to help connect you with alumni, who can either help you get a job or, at the very least, be a great mentor for you going forward. Don’t forget to ask family and family friends if they know of anybody who is hiring.

And, if you already have a few years of work experience, don’t forget that there are staffing companies like AppleOne that will offer tools and assistance with finding work.

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