Ready for an Escape from Your 9 to 5?


If you’re at work, but constantly dreaming about a new job or fantastic vacation destination, it may be time to make that dream of escape a reality. In fact, finding a new job and planning a dream vacation have a lot more in common than just getting away from a job that’s started to bore you.

Dream Big… Then Plan Big

Planning is half the fun with a vacation, and it can be equally fun with a job search because it allows you to dream about what you want and take action to make that a reality.  Just as you would put together a list of what you’ve always wanted to do on your trip, turn your career dreams into reality by compiling a list of what you want from your new job. Salary and location are great starting points, but what about company culture, perks, and your future career path? This list will help you better judge opportunities when they come around, and they will help you determine target companies that are known for what they offer their employees.

You Can Plan A Trip Totally On Your Own, But Having Someone To Help You Out Can Be A Lifesaver

In these days of internet job boards and discount travel sites, self-service is the norm. However, personalized attention and expertise is still around for people smart enough to seek it out. And, at least in the case of an employment service like AppleOne, it’s totally free. That professional help isn’t just a time saver. It expands your options too. Hotels and airlines don’t always post their best prices online. Sometimes getting some help from your friendly neighborhood travel agent will get you a package that blows what you’ve found out of the water.  Similarly, not all companies publically advertise their best job openings. Many don’t want to go through the stress (and cost) of looking through hundreds of applications, so they turn to a company like AppleOne for help. You can find dozens of job sites online, but without (free!) professional help, you may be missing the best opportunities!

It Will Be Worth It When You Get There

Getting to your plane and getting to your job interview have one major thing in common: they may take a lot of work and patience, but they will be worth it when you reach your destination.  No matter how slow that screening line is at the airport, it’s a necessary step to get where you want to go, and any slight annoyance will be heavily outweighed by the fun you’ll have when you get there. The same idea goes for when you are looking for a job: every step you take is leading to your dream job.

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