Should You Quit Your Job?


Once you’ve decided to start looking for a new job, your first inclination might be to ditch your current position immediately. However, should you quit now or stick it out until you find a better option? Consider these questions before making a decision:

Can you afford to do it?

Asses your financial situation; do you have enough money saved for an extended search, or another breadwinner in the house who can keep things relatively stable? Regarding health insurance, can you remain covered while you are looking? Job searches can vary in length, and while you might find a new job right away, it could also take a couple of months.

Can you leave without burning bridges?

Even if you have been dreaming of the moment you can leave your job, make sure to do so with style and class. You will need both your management and co-workers as references in the future, so don’t burn bridges by abandoning them in the middle of a large project. If staying on board during your search will result in a cleaner transition, it is something worth considering. When the time does come to move on, give your two weeks’ notice, put on a smile, and do everything you can to make sure your replacement has what they need to thrive.

Are your skills currently in demand?

Do your skills give you that “X-factor” that Hiring Managers will fawn over? If you find that people in your skill zone are highly in demand, you may have a shorter job search on your hands. Conversely, if you are lacking certain in-demand skills, your job search may be longer. Staying at your current job may not only be smart financially if you have a long job search ahead, but it may also allow you to learn new on the job skills while you search.

Are there any extenuating circumstances that make staying in your job unwise?

Is your job making you sick with stress or taking an emotional toll on you? Your wellbeing is very important, and if you feel like staying at your job is detrimental to your health in any way, it’s an factor you need to consider.

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