Why You Must Follow the Social Media of Every Company You’re Even Thinking of Working For


We all know to research a company before an interview. That often means a quick scan of the web site and any current news articles, but if you aren’t following every company’s social media pages from the moment you even think about applying to them, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of information that can help you get the job or decide if you even want the job. Here are three reasons you should follow your target companies:

It’s an Easy Way to Network with Current Employees

A company’s social media page offers a unique opportunity to network with its employees. Employees tend to follow their company’s social media pages, and in addition to liking and sharing content, they are more likely to be willing to interact with those who seem have an interest in their company. It’s also worth noting that many companies have referral bonuses, meaning that they are on the lookout for candidates they can bring to management. Replying to a comment of theirs, or even sending a Direct Message, is a great way to introduce yourself. Not only can they answer your questions and give advice, but they may become your “in” at the company when it comes to hiring.

Get Insight into Company Culture and Values

Social media is one of the best ways for companies to share their culture and values to the public. If you are wondering whether you’ll fit well with a company, take a look at their posts. You may be able to find posts like this or  this that can give you an insight into the people who work there, which can help you decide whether you would be a good fit.

You Can Reference Current Initiatives in Your Interview

Companies often highlight programs or special initiatives through their social sites. It could be be an internship program they are doing with local schools, or events in the community. When you look at what they offer as a whole, you can begin to get an idea of what they are looking for when hiring, which can give you some reference points to talk about how you can help the company during your interview. Hiring-Managers love to see that you have done your research, and that you are eager to help them take their initiatives to the next level!

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