How To Sell Your Unorthodox College Major


No matter what major you studied in college, knowing how to market yourself can help you secure a job. If you received your degree in an unorthodox field, you can still impress an employer by focusing on your transferable skills and emphasizing your uniqueness as a candidate. To devise a strategy on how to market yourself at your next interview, consider these three questions about your college experience.

How has your major taught you how to think?

All majors have an effect on the way you understand various situations. For instance, perhaps your English literature courses gave you critical thinking skills, or your psychology track taught you how to motivate and understand your coworkers. These kinds of analytical abilities are important to many employers, who want to see that you have the skills of comprehension to succeed and thrive in the workplace.

What transferable skills do you have?

Throughout your education, you have probably cultivated many universal skills, such as paper writing, communication, and organization. If you led a project or were elected as the president of a campus organization, you may have also picked up some leadership and project management expertise. These are the kinds of transferable skills that will make you marketable to employers across various industries.

How does your major make you unique to employers?

Most companies know that they need employees with diverse life experiences and viewpoints to keep their businesses from stagnating. Therefore, rather than downplaying your unique major and trying to be like other candidates, present yourself as the kind of distinctive, yet qualified candidate that would bring a fresh voice to the company. Your unorthodox major might be just the thing to help you stand out from the applicant pool and secure a position!

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