Is It Crazy To Take Less Pay? Here’s What You Should Consider When Deciding Between Two Job Offers


Are you in the (enviable) position of having two employers desperate to hire you? While it’s nice to have two great options in front of you, you may be struggling to decide which one is best for your career. Don’t fret, these four questions can help you in weighing your options:

Which opportunity best fits your ideal career path?

Two job opportunities that may seem strikingly similar on paper can represent different opportunities for your career. Some jobs may be set up for quick growth while others represent a stable job that doesn’t give you as much of an opportunity to move up. Others may offer training opportunities and certifications that can help you down the line. Choose a job that fits into what your ideal path is, whatever it may be.

Which benefits package fits your needs the most?

You’d be crazy to pass up the job that offers you a better salary, right? Well, people do it all the time, and it’s not because they don’t like the idea of being paid more, it’s that the benefits package that another company is offering is just too good to pass up. Consider which company has the better healthcare plan, as well as the one that can best set you up financially for retirement. And don’t forget about time off and other perks they may give you (in-house childcare, company car, etc.), as these may more than make up for a small disparity in salary.

Is there a culture that fits you better?

Your job is not just about the work you do, it’s also about the environment where you will be spending nine (or more) hours on a daily basis. So ask yourself: what’s important to you in a company culturally? Do you like the perks and unpredictability of start-up life, or are you more of a traditional workplace person? Use a company’s social media and review sites to get an idea of what you can expect working there.

Are there other intangibles that you can use as a tie-breaker?

If, after considering career path, benefits, and culture, you still feel equally torn about which job to take, consider some of the other intangibles that may influence you. How about the “real” commute time to each job (not what the GPS says) or, if you are one who loves to go out to lunch with co-workers, what kind of options are within walking distance of the building? Sometimes it’s the small things that make your workday that much better, and when it comes to a tie-breaking scenario, it’s always worth considering them.

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