AppleOne Releases Annual Hiring and Salary Guide


Competition for talent is heating up, and 68% of employers have responded by changing the way they hire to make themselves more competitive.

TORRANCE, Calif., November 6, 2017 – AppleOne Employment Services is pleased to announce the release of its annual hiring and compensation guide, the SCALE (Standards for Compensation And Leadership Excellence).

Key Findings in the 2018 SCALE Include:

  • 68% of employers recently changed how they hire to make themselves more competitive
  • 61% of new hires begin looking for new jobs within 91 days on the job
  • 43% of employees plan to resign in 30 days
  • Most employees consider good communication as the top trait they seek in a great boss

*Based on national survey responses

“We have more and more situations where candidates get multiple offers to choose from, even when clients move quickly,” says AppleOne president, Brett Howroyd.

In response to lower unemployment rates and higher competition for talent, more than two-thirds of employers changed their hiring process to make themselves more competitive.

The SCALE provides tools and insights to help employers speed up their hiring processes so they can find and attract talent in an increasingly challenging labor market. In addition to tools and tips related to hiring, the SCALE provides guidance on employers’ other key workforce priorities of engaging staff to drive productivity and employee retention.

The printed SCALE book also provides access to a companion online portal, which compiles more than 50 years of workforce expertise to create detailed, exclusive resources such as Stay Interview Scripts, a Recognition Planner, and Turnover and Raise Calculators. Additionally, AppleOne Hiring Advisors are meeting with their customers to provide the framework for incorporating benchmarking, recognition programs, and today’s best recruitment marketing approach.

“We teach our customers to be better at making a quality match because hiring is about retention, productivity, and long-term growth, not hiring to fill a hole as fast as you can.” says AppleOne Vice President of Enterprise Development, Cynthia Futvoye.

Free copies of the 2018 SCALE are available by submitting a request at or by contacting your AppleOne Hiring Advisor directly.

About the 2018 SCALE

Compiled from extensive research conducted with AppleOne branch locations, interviews with HR and labor experts, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and ongoing candidate and client surveys, the SCALE provides the most current information on compensation and workforce trends.

About AppleOne

AppleOne Employment Services is a global staffing company based in Glendale, California, USA, and is a privately-owned subsidiary of the ACT•1 Group. With over 200 locations, AppleOne is ranked by Staffing Industry Report among the largest, staffing companies in North America. AppleOne operates under a belief in teamwork and advocacy of people called “Hiring Made Human.” For over fifty years AppleOne has connected the best people, their talents, skills, career goals, and aspirations with the best companies. Learn more at

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