New Year, New Trends: What To Expect From The Job Market And Workplace In 2018

C2.jpgA new year is upon us and 2018 is set to bring some interesting new workplace trends along with it. Whether you are currently employed or looking for your dream job, here are a few trends you should take note of for 2018:

More Compact Hiring Windows

Companies are rethinking the way they hire, and one of the big trends that has been evident over the last few years is that the hiring process is becoming more compact and concise. There are two big reasons for this: first, hiring costs. Every day a job is open costs the company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in lost revenue, job ad costs, and more. Second, the longer the process, the bigger the chance that someone else will hire the best qualified candidate. In fact, many companies are now scheduling all candidate interviews on the same day so that they can make a decision and even offer the job the same day. With money, and qualified candidates, being lost daily, it makes sense that longer hiring processes are a thing of the past.

Work/Life Balance in the Spotlight

Our AppleOne 2018 SCALE survey found that, outside of a raise, perks like additional time off and work from home opportunities were among the top items that job seekers and current employees want. Some companies who can’t offer raises are starting to look at these options to attract and keep top employees.

Prepare to Be Engaged

Studies have shown that roughly 4 in 5 employees say that they aren’t fully engaged, which is a big problem for companies who are focused on productivity and retention. Expect employers to focus on improved employee communication and cultural alignment to help employees develop a deeper understanding of the purpose of their work and to connect employees to the broader mission of the company.

Goodbye Yearly Review, Hello Quarterly Review

Following a trend we’ve seen in recent years, 2018 will see more and more companies ditching the idea of annual reviews and instead moving to a quarterly review system. In studies, it’s been shown that more than 2/3 of employees say they want more feedback from management, and quarterly reviews helps provide that while keeping projects and personal goals on track (which is a big-plus for managers). In addition, expect more weekly and monthly check-in meetings.

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