Three Easy Hacks That Will Help You Complete Your To-Do List


Are you staring down a daunting to-do list at work? Before you go about trying to tackle the list, consider these three hacks that will help you make things manageable, actionable, and, most importantly, a lot less stressful:

Consider How You Work Best

Are you a morning person who loses steam after a lunch? An afternoon person that does their best work after lunch? You know how you work best, and before you start tackling your list, consider when certain projects best fit. For example, if you are a morning person, plan to tackle the more involved items early in the day, leaving items that don’t take as much concentration for later in the day. It’s all about putting together a work-flow that will help you complete as much as possible throughout the day.

Take a Larger Project and Split It Into a Series of Smaller Tasks

Larger projects on your to-do list have a tendency to get skipped because of how much time, and mental energy, they take to complete. Splitting large projects into a series of smaller tasks can help you work through them at a quicker pace. List what it would take to complete the project, and then tackle each item one-by-one as time permits. Even on a mental level, being able to see a worrisome project in a step-by-step concept can help with confidence and motivation.

Stop Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is a great skill to have, but it can be a huge detriment when it comes to completing your to-do list. Ignore the urge to tackle several different projects at the same time and take each project one-by-one. Of course, things may come up that need your immediate attention, but for the most part, if you are working to finish a to-do item, complete it.

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