Three Tips to Faster, Better Hires


For the most part, low unemployment rates are a good thing… unless you are an employer looking to hire. If you are among those trying to find, attract, and hire fresh talent for your company, then you have probably noticed that great candidates are hard to come by – and your window to hire is significantly smaller. So how do you get top performers to send their resumes your way, stat? Here are four strategies you can try on for size:

Clearly Define What You Want and Need

Whether it’s a new position or you are looking to refill a recently vacated one, take this opportunity to be as specific as possible. List the skills, experience, and, if applicable, the credentials needed to win and do the job effectively. Are there must-have software skills? Is being bilingual preferred? Taking the time to be thorough in crafting the job description helps set clear expectations as well as thin the stream of applications from less suitable applicants, which often means a faster hiring process. It will also help paint a much clearer picture for those who might assist you in finding your next MVP.

Leverage Internal Job Postings

One of the most under-utilized resources when it comes to recruiting are your own employees. Whether your company is a start-up or a conglomerate, making your staff aware of open positions (and their job descriptions) might prove to be all you need to do. If the open position attracts someone from within making a lateral move, you have the benefit of someone who already knows your company. Or you might even be helping with retention by offering an opportunity to existing employees who are thinking of leaving because they aren’t happy in their current roles.

Internal job posting also opens the door for employee referrals. Unemployment may be down, but hearing about a job opening from a family member or friend who really loves their job could compel a stellar job seeker or even a passive candidate to apply.

Be Choosy When It Comes to Interviewees

Interviews take up a lot of time and energy. While it is tempting to invite more people in, limit your selection to the four to six best candidates for the first round of interviews. This allows you and other team members involved in the hiring, screening, and vetting process to be more focused – and speedy. One way to drill down to the best candidates is to outsource the early phases of your recruitment. Having a staffing company pre-screening applicants can shorten your recruitment horizon dramatically, because you will only meet candidates who have been carefully prequalified and screened to fit your requirements.

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