Nervous Ticks? No Problem. How to Embrace Your Habits and Rock Your Interview


Many people have nervous ticks. Whether hair twirling, nail biting, or playing with your collar, these little things come out in stressful situations. The truth is that these will not keep you from getting a job unless you let them control the interview. Here are a few ways to master your nervous ticks during a job interview:

#1: Focus your prep-time on something interviewers will notice.

Just because a nervous habit is obvious to you does not mean that it is noticeable to someone else. Chances are, your interviewer will not notice it, and even if they do, they will forgive it as just a case of nerves. Spending time worrying about a nervous habit can make it occur more frequently, so it is better to spend your time focusing on things that will be easier for you to control, like finding a great interview outfit or practicing folding WIFM into your answers.

#2: Strong interview answers and follow-up questions trump any nervous habit

Hiring Managers are looking for the right person for the job. With that in mind, it would be going against their best interests to pass over the right candidate for a trivial reason. In fact, multiple studies have shown that nervous habits rarely affect the outcome of an interview. What will affect your interview, though, are your answers and follow-up questions. If you do your prep and come prepared to prove that you are the right person for the job, a Hiring Manager won’t notice, or care, about any habits you have. Plus, being prepared will cut down on your stress, and thus help you mange any habits you have.

#3: Take steps to reduce nerves

Interviews are high-pressure situations, so some nervousness is understandable. As this stress can make your nervous habits a bit more pronounced, consider taking steps to calm your nerves. In addition to being well-prepared, pump yourself up with some positive affirmation and visualize what a successful interview looks like. If you practice yoga, a pre-interview session is a great idea. Last but definitely not least, limit your caffeine intake and drink plenty of water.

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