The One Number that Will Change the Way You Look for a Job


Only 15% of job openings are advertised to the public. The listings you see on your favorite job sites or on company pages are only the tip of the iceberg of what is truly out there. Read on to learn how you can break through and find the 85% of job openings that the average seeker won’t find.

Focus on Where You Want to Work, Not Who Has (Public) Job Openings

Considering that there is an 85% chance that your target companies aren’t posting open positions to the public, focusing on where you want to work instead of who seems to have openings is the smart way to run a search. Companies need to fill slots, though they may be looking to hire in non-traditional ways. Just because they don’t advertise doesn’t mean that they won’t consider outside candidates. Use your Target Employers List and put together a schedule for contacting the companies and asking about open positions.

Use Your Smart Phone… For Phone Calls(!!!!)

E-mail can be so impersonal, and when you are looking for a job you want to make sure you make a human connection as often as possible. Skip the temptation to e-mail a target company, especially if you are sending it “To whom it may concern,” and call them. E-mails can disappear into the ether, making phone calls the best way to make sure you get to make an introduction and talk to the right people.  Even if they don’t have an opportunity right now, they may take down your information for future job openings that occur.

Use Your Network, and Social Media, For Suggestions on Who Is Hiring

Referrals increase your chance of getting hired by 300%, and any help you can get from your network to get that important “in” is vital. You may contact people in your group individually for leads, but don’t underestimate the power of simply putting out a post to your page that you are currently looking for work. This is especially beneficial on LinkedIn, as Hiring Managers are consistently looking for candidates to fill openings quickly.

Meet with a Recruiter (It’s Free)

Job openings cost companies a large amount of money in advertising costs and lost work, so many will work with recruiting companies to fill positions in a timely manner. Recruiters, like AppleOne, typically have a fresh supply of jobs each day, many of them full-time permanent jobs, meaning that they will be able to match you with openings. Plus, they will be able to help you with things like your resume and interview prep, all for free, which is always a plus.

Are you looking to break into the “hidden” job market to find your next job? AppleOne can help!  Apply Here to start your journey.

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