Ways to Make Your Team Feel Lucky You’re Their Boss

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With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, the concept of luck has been coming up a lot. When it comes to employees feeling lucky, it’s primarily their managers who can impact how they feel about their job. A great manager motivates, and one that is the opposite inspires sayings like, “Employees don’t quit job, they quit their boss.” With 43% of employees thinking of quitting within the next 30 days and turnover costing companies $11 billion annually, we urge you to do the following so your superstars thank their lucky stars to be working with and for you:

Show You Care

Thank them in ways that honor their individual preferences. Do they crave the spotlight? Recognize them among their peers. Do they have a favorite hobby, restaurant, or store? Get a gift card that shows you understand what is important to them. Do they need a bit of time to attend to family or personal matters? Our recent employee survey shows flexible scheduling is the single most craved perk, but most employers still aren’t offering it. Depending on your team or company culture, there are infinite ways to show their contributions did not go unnoticed – and won’t go unrewarded this year.

Make Them Feel Trusted

One of the best qualities employers can hope for in an employee is a sense of ownership – that “personal stake” in the company mentioned earlier. While mentoring and training are important, so is giving employees enough breathing room to get their job done, show initiative, and when appropriate, resolve challenges and issues. People in general respond positively when they feel trusted. Employees who feel that a task or project is truly their own will be more motivated to excel because it becomes ‘their baby’. Cultivating a workplace culture built on trust will have a strong foundation that will free and empower employees to build – and that’s something that benefits them, you, and your company.

Keep Them Interested

Most employee surveys reveal that for many employees, a fulfilling career is often more important than pay. As an employer, it is crucial that you keep your staff engaged, challenged – and wanting to be there for what’s next. Set clear goals, create well-defined career paths, and encourage learning through mentorship, outside workshops, and even skill-sharing. Promote from within whenever possible, and reward your most dedicated and innovative employees so that both tenured and new team members can see that contributions are recognized and rewarded.

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