Hiring Made Human: The Heart of AppleOne’s 54 Years of Success


Having created millions of career results through hundreds of locations throughout the United States and Canada, AppleOne has come a long way since its inception 54 years ago. All because one man had the tenacity, optimism and daring to keep his promises and trust his instincts.

The Start of Something Good

When AppleOne president and founder Bernie Howroyd opened his first office in April 1964, it was because of an inspiration that struck him while speaking with a woman who was unhappy with the employment agency she was working for. Feeling sympathy for her plight and liking the prospect of owning an employment agency, Bernie offered the woman a job. With just $3,500, his confidence in himself and a strong desire to help others, Bernie opened his first office.

“I thought it sounded like a good idea at the time, and I was young and confident enough to believe I could be successful.” Easier said than done, Bernie bought and painted some used furniture and found an office he could afford. “It wasn’t pretty, but I did the best I could.  I knew even then that to my customers, results counted more than looks.” The good news was that his office was in a busy area – the bad news, it was busy because of the eight other, bigger employment agencies down the street. This competition proved a bit much, and Bernie’s initial capital was reduced to a desperate $5.94 before he reeled in his first client.

The Heart to Beat the Odds

That one client was all it took to get the ball rolling on an amazing tale of growth and success. As with any business, Bernie’s company had its share of advances and setbacks, but his remarkable commitment to find, understand, and fulfill the needs of another never failed him.

At one point, he even refused to take a salary for two years rather than let down the growing number of people who have come to rely on him for their livelihood.

When one of his staff convinced him that there was a need for temporary as well as direct hire staffing, Bernie rose to meet that need, and the growing list of satisfied clients and candidates blossomed in response.

Things were good from this point, and got even better during the 80s and Bernie and the rest of AppleOne were riding high. But when recession hit and the economy came crashing down in 2008, it dragged businesses along with it – including AppleOne, and worse, many AppleOne clients. Times were tough, but because Bernie strongly believed in his vision, “Clients for life,” he persevered, delivering services to the best of his and his company’s abilities. After the crises, Bernie and AppleOne emerged stronger, wiser and in one piece – and partly because of Bernie’s unflagging support – so did AppleOne clients. This further solidified AppleOne’s commitment to always be there for clients, helping them weather even the stormiest economic climates.

Hiring Made Human

In 2017, Bernie’s son, Brett Howroyd, took over the helm as President. Growing up in the AppleOne culture, Brett shares his father’s passion for helping others. He articulated this dedication to results and building successful relationships in AppleOne’s new tagline, “Hiring Made Human.”

A University of Southern California graduate, Brett is as strongly committed to operating the organization with agility and urgency as he is dedicated to preserving AppleOne’s highly personalized approach.  With ten-plus years of experience, and numerous international business ventures, Brett’s vision is to continue to emphasize the business principles AppleOne has practiced for over 50 years … while incorporating dynamic technologies and teamed project approaches to create agilities and protect core values that the entire ActOne Group, AppleOne’s parent company, shares.  While strongly committed to innovative programs and technologies, he is passionate about ensuring the continuance of the company’s founding principles of “Keeping the applicant the center of the universe,” and offering entrepreneurial environments within which all AppleOne employees may grow.

As the staffing flagship of the ActOne Group, a global conglomerate founded by CEO Janice Bryant Howroyd, AppleOne provides world-class results worldwide. Now recognized among the largest woman- and minority-owned staffing provider in North America, AppleOne’s formidable track record includes more than three million career results and a client roster of over 50,000 companies.

To learn more about AppleOne and how you can have the best and the brightest working for you for less, log on to www.appleone.com or call (800) 564-5644.

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