The Four Prep Items That Will Help You Launch Your Best Job Search, Ever!


Are you getting ready to find a better career opportunity or launch your summer job search? Whatever you have coming down the pipeline, investing some time in a bit of prep work before you start your search will give you a better chance at finding your dream job.

Developing a Target Company List

Did you know that 85% of jobs aren’t advertised? To land those jobs you need to get lucky and be in the right place at the right time. As Thomas Jefferson said, “the harder you work, the more luck you will have,” so that means developing a list of target companies and calling to ask about available positions. How do you build a target list? Start with a list of companies where you have always wanted to work. Then add companies where you have a networking connection that can help get you an interview. Finish your list with companies you see driving around within your ideal commuting range or companies with press releases related to projects that could require your skills.

Prioritize Your Wants and Needs

Do you have a lot of ideas on what you want from a job? Before you start basing your job search on these free-floating ideas, write them down and prioritize them by importance. This gives you a list of what you will be looking for as you look through jobs ads, and, more importantly, what you may be willing to leave on the table if you are unable to get everything you want.

Clean Up Your Social Media

Hiring Managers often review a candidate’s social media presence these days. Because you can count on this occurring, you want to give yourself ample time to not just comb through your social media and take out anything even remotely questionable (yes, this includes seemingly innocent cocktail party photos). Scrub your page, and make sure that your friends untag you from their photos. Also, take a moment to “Google” yourself so that you can make sure that there aren’t any third-party posts you need to address.

Gather Your Reference… And Give Your Network a Heads Up

You need six good references to go along with your resume, and they need to be properly vetted and ready to go by the time you start turning in resumes. Companies are tightening up their hiring processes, meaning you may not have the time to put together your list as you search. Plus, getting the word out that you are starting your job search may present some nice networking opportunities.

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