Are You Laying the Groundwork for Your Long-Term Career Path?


You may love your job now, but is it laying the groundwork for where you want to be in your career decades from now? While you continue to hone your craft at your current position, you can always take steps that will help you get ready for your next step, whenever it may be. Because today is the right time to start thinking about tomorrow, here are some tips to help you prepare yourself:

Have a Next Step in Mind

While it may be years off, having an idea of a “next step” in your career is important. Even if you are content with where you are now, having a goal in the future will help you keep moving forward in your training and skills base. This can also help you feel less stagnant at work, as working towards goals and future career steps can keep you motivated and excited.

Get a Mentor

If you are thinking about the next steps in your career it makes sense to get guidance and help from someone who has been in your shoes. Having a mentor allows you to get real-life advice from someone who has built their own career path and have weathered the ups and downs that come with it. Many companies offer mentorship programs that match you with someone with experience. If you have to look outside your company, reach out to your network to see if anyone has the types of insights you need, or whether they can connect you with someone who can help guide your career.

Use Work Projects to Gain New Skills

Getting yourself on new projects is a great way to gain skills and experience needed to enhance your career path, while showing management your commitment to growing. Especially if it is outside of your normal duties or comfort zone, this can introduce you to new ideas and skills that you wouldn’t normally encounter. Taking advantage of training opportunities, both inside and outside of work, is a good way to supplement these projects and prove to your boss that you are capable of exceling on them.

Keep an Eye Open for New Opportunities

It’s always good to keep an eye out for new opportunities. Once you firm up long-term career goals, you may find that your current company just doesn’t offer you the path you need to get there, or it might take too long for you to progress. Even if you have a clear plan of growth at your current company, it doesn’t hurt to know what else is out there, as you may find an opportunity that is even better suited for your overall goals.

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